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Sabzi Mandi is a term used in India for vegetable markets. Commission agents buy vegetables, fruits, cereals, pulses from farmers (suppliers) and sell them to traders/customers in wholesale/retail respectively. The concept of Sabzi Mandi is that commission agents sell vegetables and fruits to different customers. Credit is given to the supplier’s account and debit is made from the account of different customers

Sabzi Mandi Software For Commission Agents & Traders

Commission Agents buy vegetables, fruits, cereals, pulses from farmers(suppliers) & sell to traders/ customers in wholesale/retail respectively.

Concept of Sabzi Mandi:

  • Commission agent sells vegetables & fruits to different customers.
  • Credit in Supplier’s account and Debit from account of different customers.
  • Commission is added to commission agent’s account. Commission agents provide Sales Report/Bill to suppliers(farmers) after deducting labour, freight charges, etc.

Such transactions contains many issues. To resolve this, there comes Sabzi Mandi Software for Traders & Commission Agents.

Sabzi Mandi Software for Mandi Business?

Mandi Book 2.0  – GST Accounting, Billing and Inventory software for traders, & commission agents, vegetable & fruit traders/merchants. It has all features that satisfies the every need of commission agents and traders:

  • Crates Management
    Manage & Maintain Crates while entering Sales efficiently. Print crates quantity in Sales Bill as returnable goods. View Crates stock & crates to be returned from customer in Stock report.
  • Inventory Module
    Manage Stock Item Wise/Lot No.Wise/ with ease. Record stock transfers in minutes & view automatic accurate stock management & stock movement. Make Stock Arrival entry in Output Books Mandi ERP software.
  • Self Purchase/Party Stock
    You can record & manage self purchase stock as well as other party supplied stock in sabzi mandi software.
  • Automatic Commission/Market Fees/Laga Calculation
    Set commission percentage for you(commission agents/traders) & get commission added to your account automatically while entering purchase.
  • Business Reports – Ledger balance, Credit Reports
    Manage all types of reports such as seller report, stock report, commission report, ledger balance & get detailed insights of your workflow. And make more improvements to your business.
Sabzi Mandi Software
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