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Leisure Plus is an advanced Hotel & Restaurant  management software created with keep in mind which makes it a user-friendly software for anyone trying it for the first time Restaurant Industry 


Hotel and restaurant management software can offer many benefits to businesses in the hospitality industry.

Some of the key benefits include better revenue management, quick administrative tasks, building relationships with guests, organized operations, boosting customer loyalty, successful server stations, faster service, and automatic payments

This software can also assist restaurants in capturing a digital audience and catering to their online orders or deliveries. 

Overall, hotel management software can offer more efficient and cost-effective ways to take care of many tasks and operations

    Reservation & Room Management 

    Hotel management software is important for several reasons. It can improve workflow, monitor internal processes, provide high-quality services, store important details about guests in one place, save time on administrative tasks, develop strong relationships with guests, increase online visibility, implement an effective revenue management system, and manage distribution functions1. It can also help increase bookings. An efficient hotel software can deliver on the promise of a great guest experience while also helping keep guests safe. It can help make efficient bookings through web booking engines and channel managers, provide contactless service, and manage operations, bookings, distribution channels, and guests. Would you like more information on this topic?

    restaurant Software

    KOT Management

    A Kitchen Order Token (KOT) is a document used in restaurants and hotels to simplify the order taking and delivery processes. It provides a totally centralized kitchen order taking and management system . When a customer selects food items, a KOT is printed at the chef’s location in the kitchen with the details of the chairs, table number or location of the customer.

    The food is then prepared and served to the satisfaction of the customer . There are several benefits to using an automated Kitchen Order Token (KOT) system in restaurants. It streamlines the order process by accepting food orders from different ordering platforms directly on one POS system, generating a KOT immediately in the kitchen.

    Restaurant Management

    Restaurant management is the process of running a restaurant or a similar business. It involves managing various aspects of the business, such as staff, finances, marketing, operations, inventory, and customer service. 

    A restaurant management system or software is a tool that can help restaurant managers with their tasks and responsibilities1.

    Effective restaurant management is just like running any other fast-paced business; you need to take care of all aspects of the organization to ensure it runs smoothly. 


    • KOT Management
    • Food Bill
    • Table Services 
    • Waiter 
    • POS Bill
    • GST Wise Rate 
    • Food Menu and Rate Setting 
    • Catering Management 
    • Online Food Ordering 
    • Room Service
    • Room Reservation
    • Check in Check Out 
    • Dirty Room Management
    • Account Management
    • Employee Salary Account
    • Vendor management
    • Messaging
    • SMS Integration
    • Night Audit report
    • Police Station Report
    • Notifications
    • User Security
    • Dashboard Setup
    • Attractive Bill Format 
    • Online Facility
    • Power Ful Inventory Control
    • Admin/Operator Login



    Room Reservation

    Daily Report

    Table Management

    Kitchen Order token

    Food Management

    Inventory Management

    GST Bill

    Check-in Check-out

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