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LabPro Pathology Management Software

Adwing’s LabPro is an advanced Pathology Lab management software created with keep in mind which makes it a user-friendly software for anyone trying it for the first time 


LabPro Pathology Software  is very Comprehensive and Extensive research Based Laboratory management Software . it has All Built in Module and Very Easy to operate .Labpro is Desktop Application Software runs On Windows Platform and Can Run Without Internet and Secure your data in Easily as a Backup in Desktop Drive .Very Affordable Cost as Compared in market . 

LabPro Pathology Software is specially designed for Clinical, Diagnostic & Pathology Labs to maintain complete record of patients with accurate test reports Like Biochemistry, Serology, Widal, HB, TLC, DLC, Complete Blood Test etc. This software is super easy to handle and comes with fast Implementation. This Software provides you Complete customizable options with own Tests and formulations.

LabPro is Complete Lab Automation Software that suites to almost every clinical or diagnostic & pathology labs from patient entry to patient report generation. LabPro Clinical, Diagnostic & Pathology Lab Management Software generate Accurate Test Reports, Maintain patient records & keep total control over your business. 

Adwing “LABPRO” Clinical Lab Software is such a solution that handles your precious data in a very compact and secure method, their is no file system so that your data redundancy is totally minimized. Adwing TechnologiesLABPRO” Clinical Lab Software is a very very simple software to operate. There is no need to learn and also no need for any training of computers.

Benefits of Installing Clinical, Diagnostic & Pathology Lab Software :

Why we need to install Pathology Software?

Pathology software does more than automate billing and invoicing, thereby reducing the loads of paperwork and time usually spent on creating statements, verifying insurance coverage, and processing medical claims.

Adwing Technologies “LabPro Laboratory software is a broad suite of products that typically include laboratory information systems (LIS) and laboratory information management systems (LIMS). These systems are designed to automate medical labs daily activities and are perfectly designed for pathology and clinical labs.

How do I choose the right lab management system for my business?

Choosing the right laboratory management system depends purely on the requirement of the lab and the processes involved in it. You have to know the exact way in which the user data have to be logged in and the ways of analyses. This way you can easily find the exact LIMs software that would suit your requirement the best. 

Lab Pro Pathology and Diagnostic Lab Management Software Gives Accurate Test Report and Customised Option & Reciept


Patient Entry Management

Patient Entry Management Module is for managing patient ,inquiry with All required Field , i.e.  Patient Name , Age ,Sex ,Gender,  and other info etc.

labpro screen
LabPro Pathology Management Software
LAbPro PAthology Software

Test Management

Test Management is very crucial module to manage Test ,Test Groups ,Range Min and Max Level With Cost of Test .



Report Management

Easy to management your Laboratory with all latest and updated test report ,customised and Attractive QR Based report generated for Download of customer and Patients

labpro pathology Software
LabPro Pathology Management Software
LABPRO pathology software

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Clinical Pathology & Diagnosis Software

LabPro Plus  Ver 2.0 is a Smart and Powerful Reporting Software with Feature of Patient Entry ,One Click Test Submittion,Smart Entry ,QR Code  & WhatsApp, Doctor Share and Customised Report format with All Reports. 

WhatsApp the report and QR Code Also Integrated . All Latest Test and test Group in built in LabPro Plus V.2  Pathology Software . Widal ,CBC,Siemen,LIPID,XRAY ,Maleria Antegen and More than 100+ adding 

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1. What is Labpro?

Labpro is a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) or a Pathology Lab Software which will automate and computerize the working of your lab. Labpro is loaded with all the essential features and is designed for small labs and organisations.

About LABPRO Pathology Software

  1. LabPro is a Laboratory/Diagnostics Management Software System suitable for Diagnostics Centers and Hospital Labs.
  2. Features: Diagnostics Test Rate Master, Investigation Master with Reference Values, Billing & Receipts, Lab Report, Patient Registration, Package Master and lots more…
  3. Print Diagnostic Bill on A5 or A4 size paper, Lab Report & Ultrasound Report on Letter Head or A4 Paper, Generate Revenue statements, Cash & Bank Receipt Statement, Patient Register, Diagnostic Tests Conducted for the day or for a given date range, etc.
  4. LabPro runs on Windows OS (10/8/7 and variants). It is for Lifetime Use. No Annual Fee is charged. It has a Single-Device License. However,Labpro supports many internal users who may login, use and logout on the same PC. Menu-driven backups. No IT Staff required. Labpro is easy to install and can be installed by you. Getting Started and Usage Videos are available to tutor the user on usingt Labpro Videos .
  5. Labpro does not include Out-Patient & In-Patient Billing, Online viewing of Lab Reports, Image printing and Email & SMS notification. Sub-Tests to be manually included in the Lab Report and Reference Values & Result have to be entered. List of Investigations/Components are required for preparing the Lab report.
2. Which version should I choose?

Take a look at comparison of various versions available. Selecting the appropriate version depends on your work pattern, daily work load, facilities you wish to use, size and type of your organization etc. Please dont hesitate to contact us for any queries. We assure you that we will be able to recommend you the most appropriate version after analysing your requirements and pattern of work.

3. Do I need to renew my license to continue using LabPro Plus ?

No. There is no need to pay for renewing your licence. We provide one-time licence for single computer and you are free to use the software as long as you wish and abide by the terms and conditions agreed upon.

4. Can I format my computer after activating license?

Yes, you can format your computer as many times as you want after activating license. Your license will remain valid as long as you reinstall the program on your registered PC.

5. Do I need to call you to Re-install the software?

No, you do not need to call us for Reinstalling the software after formatting your PC. You can install the software on your own to the registered PC, as many times as you want, from the setup package of software which you downloaded.make sure you have taken the data backup before Formatting , as backup is available On your PC Only .

6. Can I change my Hard Disk after activating license?

Yes, you can change your hard disk any time after license activation but you can not transfer your license to a different computer.

7. Can I change my computer’s motherboard or processor after activating license?

No, you can not change your computer’s motherboard, processor or any other core hardware components after license activation. Doing so, will make your license invalid.

8. Can I transfer my license from one computer to another?

No. For LabPro License transfer facility is not available. 


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Lab Pro Pathology and LAboratory Management Software. Best Offline Affordable and Trust ful Services by Adwing technologies 

Best Pathology Software ,LabProPlus

LabPro Smart Pathology Softwarewith List of Test ,Editable Ranges with interpretations , Also Provides QR and What Sapp Features.


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Test Management

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