Best School Management Software for Desktop & Web  :EduPlus 2.0 School ERP Software 

EduPlus 2.0 is a comprehensive School Management Software developed by Adwing Technologies1. It’s designed with a wide range of features to cover various aspects of school management. Here are some of its key features:

  1. Student Admission Management: This feature allows for efficient handling of student admissions2.
  2. Fee Management: It provides a robust system for managing student fees2.
  3. Examination Management: This feature helps in organizing and managing examinations3.
  4. Mark Sheet Generation: It can generate mark sheets for students2.
  5. Identity Card Printing: This feature allows for the printing of student identity cards2.
  6. Library Management: It provides tools for managing the school library2.
  7. SMS Plugin: This feature enables communication via SMS2.
  8. Financial Accounting: It includes tools for managing the school’s financial accounts2.
  9. Complete Stock Management: This feature helps in managing the school’s inventory2.
  10. User Rights Management: It allows for the setting of user rights, ensuring that each user has access to the appropriate features2.
  11. Transport Management: This feature helps in managing the school’s transportation services3.

EduPlus 2.0 is designed to be user-friendly and easy to operate1. It also offers a free demo and support2. The software is built with extensive research since 2015 and is not charged on a per-student basis, making it cost-effective.

EduPlus School Management Software a Comprehensive School Application Software for Every School Can Manage. available online and Offline.

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